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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What Every S.F. Restaurant Goer Should Know: Clean

Good morning fellow restaurant eaters,

Here's a little website you should check before you log onto to make your reservations: Clean

It has all of the public health inspection violations records for restaurants in San Francisco & Los Angeles. Some of the revelations (like A16 having a severe rats/mice infestation) are really disquieting.

Thanks to the Yelp community I found this site & am now posting it here. Be sure to bookmark it for easy access to the site. Or you can always check this blog, I'm keeping a permanent link to it under my Food Sites & More column of links.

Oh well, it's just another reason to hone those cooking skills so you can eat safely at home where the only rats you'll see are the ones you invited!

Better safe than sorry!

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