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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Oh, Fabio, Great Chef of the Future (and the Present), I Love You

I am in love again.

My last chef love affair was with French-born/Andorran-raised Eric Ripert, not only for his sexy self and exquisite food; but, also, because he is brilliant enough to love Puerto Rican cuisine; so much so that he married a Newyorican like me & snacks on her mom's fabulous pasteles! I don't care what kind of trash the Ripert-haters try to spread about him; no one will ever convince me he isn't a GOD!

Of course, when I say love affair, I mean it culinarily (is that a word?). After all, I am a married woman who respects those sacred vows. I lusted only in my stomach.

But, sorry Eric, there's a new sheriff in town. Was watching the ever-annoying Martha Stewart while channel-surfing this afternoon during lunch and... ZING went the strings of my heart!

Just two words: Fabio Trabocchi.

His food looks intricate, intense, layered but honest and witty, with strong, clean flavor profiles... oh so ambrosial. So beautifully Italian!! With its in-your-face Sophia Loren beauty that makes no apologies for its voluptousness!!!

His demeanor is relaxed and assured. He actually made it through a cooking sequence with all of Martha's usual interruptions without bludgeoning her to death with one of her many Target Martha Stewart Collection pots. Instead, he was gracious & charming. He comes from the Adriatic Coast near Le Marche, Italy.

What can I say? The man is incredible!

Sweet sexy smile. Beautiful eyes. Fantastic laugh. Great hands & forearms, both extremely under-rated errogenous zones. The name of his restaurant means flame, ardor, passion.
"Just like Italians", he says to the hapless Martha. YES! YES!

Fabio Trabocchi

Roll those sleeves up and Fiamma me, baby, I'm ready!

Fiamma Website
Three Stars from Bruni & a chef so cute! Can't wait to go to New York this spring.
Aspettame, Fabio, vengo presto!

(Click on the title to this post to go to the Martha Stewart "get the recipe" page & watch this hottie cook without killing Martha!
Che miracolo!)

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