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Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Tribute to Kara's Cupcakes

I know I've gone too far with this Kara's Cupcakes obsession.

After all, they've been around 2 years now. Why the sudden enthusiasm?

Well, if you must know, both shops are now in close proximity to me.
One shop, in Ghiradelli Square, is practically visible from my apartment (with a telescopic lens & a little cooperation from the weather); the other shop, just off Chestnut on Scott, is right near one of my favorite places to walk, Crissy Field. It's a win-win.

I always walk to and from the shops so that helps burn a few calories & allows for the consumption of one of these delicacies, doesn't it? I'm just doing my best to support a local product which is made with ingredients that are virtually all sourced locally.
Don't believe me, read this, then you'll see! I buy these not for myself but for the good of the environment!!!!!

Go to Kara's; be a part of the solution, and take pleasure; not only in doing your bit for our ecosystem, but, also, in eating something scrumptious & yummy. They even have mini-cupcakes. So cute & great for parties, too. You may have to throw one just for the sake
of buying multiple minis. It's like multiple orgasms though slightly more caloric.

I guarantee you this... if Marie Antoinette had said, "Let them eat cupcakes!", she might have kept her head and her jewels. The French can forgive anything as long as they have something beautiful to eat!

Let's take a look at what all the fuss is about. I bought my three favorites: Fleur De Sel, Banana Caramel & Meyer Lemony Lemon.

Purely for blogging purposes, of course.

Unfortunately, the Fleur De Sel was not able to be photo-documented due to a sudden need for yours truly to devour it as soon as she bought it. But fear not, my strict dietary regimen allows for only one cupcake to be consumed a day so I was able to take a few beauty shots for posterity.

My, what a pretty box!

Let's have a closer look, shall we?

There, that's better!

Let's take a little peek inside... wow!!!

I must free them from the confines of that box...

Aren't they pretty?

Ahhhh.... the Meyer Lemony Lemon

Can't you smell it's sweet lemon perfume?

No? Get closer!

Closer, dammit!!!!

There, now, isn't that better?

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