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Saturday, February 23, 2008

San Francisco: After The Rain

Yesterday's respite from the rain brought dramatic skies and yummy treats. The brief break in the weather allowed yours truly to test her bum knee (still inflamed, boo!) and take a fast walk (well a walk anyway) along San Francisco's beautiful Golden Gate Promenade at Crissy Field & use her iPhone to capture a few moments in time. If my iPhone didn't have so few pixels (more pixels makes the shots look better) I could probably use it more; but my Sony Cyber Shot, obviously, takes much better photos. You'll see the difference here.

Since I just happened to be in the neighborhood, I had a little lunch at Pacific Catch on Chestnut St. ( Two Baja-style Alaskan Cod tacos with avocado lime crema, cabbage & drop of sriracha, a side of Wakame salad, and some of the Lemongrass Iced Tea, all for $12 & heavenly). Dessert was purchased at.... where else?... Kara's Cupcakes. That Chocolate Fleur de Sel is out of this world.

Wish I could stay & chat but I'm preparing for the dreaded....................... in-law invasion.

Actually, it's my hubby's very dear uncle & his lovely wife from the east coast. Should be fun. Love an opportunity to show off the city. If only the rain would hold off a little longer. Oh no, the skies are darkening as I write this.... oh well, gotta go.

Here are some shots that show why San Francisco is such a great place to live:

Love Them! (iPhone)

Tulips bought from Real Foods on Polk St. (Sony)

Crissy Field, oh oh... is it gonna rain on me now?

Nope, no rain.... (iPhone)
The cloud passed as quickly as that freighter in the distance

Wow, looks beautiful out now! (iPhone)
See the guy with the feathers going through his hard hat?
He's not concerned about the weather. He's obviously got other issues to grapple with.


Audrey said...

Your photos are great. I live in Santa Barbara, just down the coast. The rain left everything crisp and clean.

Lori said...

Thanks, Audrey. It's something I'm trying to work on.

Lucky you, I (heart) Santa Barbara. Really beautiful place; both the coastline & up in the mountains like Ojai. If Iweren't such a city girl (i.e. never learned to drive a car) it's a part of the country I'd love to live!