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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

San Francisco Chef on New York Times Food Radar!

Way to go, Chef Chris Cosentino, you've finally landed in the Big Apple!

Incanto's C.E.C (Chief Executive Chef) & his grandma's ragu recipe is featured in this past Sunday's New York Times Magazine. (Click on the post title to read the article). With a plethora of the
Big Apple's own Italian chefs to choose from, the New York Times stretched it's long arms way over to the left coast to write a feature on slow foods & give props where they were due in the foggy little town by the bay!

Gotta get to Incanto soon to taste this rising star's boils and roasts myself!

Can't let a bunch of New York writers get that big a scoop on me, dammit!

Scoop of ragu, that is.

To be honest, the food cognoscenti in this city's been talking about Iron Chef alum Chris Cosentino since 2002 when he started a small revolution in the restaurant industry, I've just been too lazy to go to Noe Valley! I'm glad he's garnering more national attention! He's New York foodie writers new darling. They think he's "offal" cute.

Look for him on March 4th in Manhattan with "The Elements of Cooking" guru Michael Ruhlman who calls Chris the "wizard of viscera" on his blog & is hosting an evening featuring the Noe Valley chef at the Astor Center. Click here, for further details.

Noe Valley, here I come!

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