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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hey Chronicle, What is Michael Pollan Cooking?

Okay, I don't want to seem like I'm always picking on the Chronicle but here is Carol Ness, ace reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle's award-winning Food section, at a sit down lunch with the Lord of the Locavores, Michael Pollan, at his home cooking for an article in this Wednesday's food section and not only does she not take this tremendous opportunity to find out what God's gift to sustainable eating really stocks in his pantry, or even bother to get and print the recipe of what he & his cute, if slightly chubby son, are making for their lovely lunch; she doesn't even bother to tell us what they are actually eating. Of course, the article does have a nice photo-op of lunch being made with a caption that reads "cooks the stir fry for lunch".

REALLY? Way to go & dig deep for those details.

Could it be that Mr. Pollan actually hoards Snickers and corn oil in his cupboards and Ms. Ness was asked to keep it on the down low or is she really that bad a journalist?

Click here, *!!!, to not read what Michael Pollan is making for lunch.

What's in the stir fry, Carol?
Inquiring minds want to know, especially when the title of the piece reads "What would Michael Pollan eat?" Makes you kinda wonder what he's eating, doesn't it? Where is food editor & chief, Michael Bauer? Eating pizza for his blog?

The only prize that will be won by Ms. Ness for that scintillating piece of journalistic genius is

Charles Darwin's Darwin Awards
the Darwin Award!!!

K, pheeewww! Rant over. Live well & prosper!

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