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Thursday, April 12, 2007

My Inaugural Posting

Well, here it first ever posting (although, I doubt whether anyone will read it save my sweetly supportive husband who is currently swimming in the swanky sewer we now call Las Vegas; okay, he's actually staying at the Bellagio Hotel not exactly a dirty hole in the ground by any standards, especially Vegas ones).

What prompted me to do such a rash thing? I mean everyone & their grandmother has taken to navigating this worldwide wave of laundry airing; posting their personal nonsenses & channeling their inner Oprahs. Why should I join the fray & thus further pollute the airwaves (or whatever medium these words are riding)? Well...why not? It can't hurt anyone & it may help some, particularly the disenfranchised & underrepresented like me: a moderately conservative female Newyorican (puertorican-new yorker for the less politically-savvy) mansion-dweller in the heart of republican-hating San Francisco, the beautiful city by the bay, world-renown for it's magnificent vistas, delectable food , and tolerance of everything and everyone unless they vote for the Grand Old Party. If you do, you better watch out... the ground trembling beneath you & the bricks falling on your head are not caused by an earth tremor, no senor, it is the wrath of the righteous (or should I say, the lefteous) falling upon you. These people are so g.o.p. averse they won't even walk on the right side of the road; so strongly do they need to be on the left side of all things. No wonder there are so many traffic & pedestrian related deaths in San Francisco: they refuse to take the right side of anything including the street!!!
But, don't get me wrong. I'm really apolitical. I just always feel a need for balance. When something seems reactionary, I just feel a need to respond thoughtfully against it.  Guess it's the contrarain in me. I love this city & every lefty-leaning thing in it!!! It offers me great levity with its out-of-this-world viewpoints. It also gives me the most spectacular views with the most secluded & serene hiking trails right in the city. What other chunk of urbanity can boast that? There are absolutely idyllic spots for picnics, yoga or other more intimate ventures. Ahhh & I haven't even touched on the markets, cafes & restaurants of all kinds at all price points; The great old movie theatres that have managed to survive the mega-plex crush; The sweet places to shop for anything & everything in town. Then there are the getaways, all so close to the city.... These & a myriad of other things are what I hope to touch on in the coming weeks & months ... so stay tuned & learn to enjoy the simple pleasures with a dose of the gourmet's just what the doctor ordered.

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